Where The Water Tastes Like Wine – Alles über das Storytelling und die Entwickler im Interview

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine

Manchmal geschieht es, da begegnet man einem Spiel, das die eigene Welt verändert. Seien es besonders kreative Ideen, die den Horizont erweitern, eine immersive Erfahrung, die neuester Technologie und eingehender Musik geschuldet ist, oder eine Geschichte, die unter die Haut geht. Manchmal geschieht es, dass etwas scheinbar Belangloses sich zu etwas Großem entwickelt.

Inside the Development of The Witcher 3: The Progress of Geralt’s Fights, Olgierd’s Origin and the Giant Toad’s Destiny

The Witcher 3

There are few secrets hidden in the vast world of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that we have not yet discovered. While we travelled through dangerous woods and swamplands, unveiled mysteries in astonishing cities and had sexual intercourse with several characters, there is still information left that the developers themselves share rarely. At the 2016 PLAY Conference, which took place during the annual PLAY – Creative Gaming festival in Hamburg, Sebastian Kalemba, animation director at CD Projekt RED, shared his knowledge about motion capturing and character design in The Witcher 3, including the development of Geralt’s finishers and fight scenes, Olgierd’s fencing technique and Origin, Ciri’s appearance and the Giant Toad’s destiny.

Interview: Orwell – Art Director Melanie Taylor on their successful „privacy invasion thriller“


At this year’s gamescom I had the opportunity to take a look at Orwell, the highly successful „detective-data-mining-story and point’n’click-and-textadventure“. Furthermore, I talked to Art Director Melanie Taylor about the setting, the studio’s aim, difficulties during development and the game’s future.