I’m Christina.
I write and speak about literature, video games and memes.
These are some of the projects on which I have worked.

Tell Me More: Storytelling in Video Games from a Literary Studies‘ Perspective

Video games have become increasingly interesting for various fields and target audiences — but regarding academic research, the foundling of literary studies still faces many difficulties. Yet, video games can offer information on the respective cultural context and illustrate novel methods of storytelling.
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  • Federal Agency for Civic Education: Article for a dossier on digital games
  • Superlevel: articles on video games and climate change, the genre of Soulslikes
  • GEE, Ausgabe 70: article on Resident Evil 8 and its architecture and art
  • WASD, Ausgabe 17: article on Walden, the game and the story

Dark Souls erschuf ein Genre, in das niemand will

Vor zehn Jahren begründete das Action-Rollenspiel Dark Souls das Subgenre der Soulslikes. Davon gibt es viele, doch nicht alle wollen eines sein. Zwei Spielestudios erklären, wo From Softwares Produktion sie inspiriert hat – und wo nicht.
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  • 2019/2020: lecturer at HAW Hamburg, Department Information | Kinder ins Museum! Konzeption von digitalen und partizipativen Vermittlungsformaten für eine Ausstellung im MARKK – Museum am Rothenbaum. Kulturen und Künste der Welt
    awarded with Hamburger Lehrpreis 2020
  • 2021: lecturer at University of Hamburg, Institute for British and American Studies | Exploring Liminality: Between Edgar Allan Poe and The Stanley Parable
  • 2022: lecturer at HAW Hamburg, Department Information | Von Dracula bis Red Dead Redemption: Eine Annäherung an Repräsentation in Prosa und Games


Other projects


  • Lost Levels Podcast
    A podcast on indie games and food.
  • Crème de la Meme
    A podcast on memes, the internet, pop culture and society.
  • I was a guest at OK Cool, Spielvertiefung, Wasted, Doomian and more.