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Following last year’s phenomenal start, the initiative Creative Gaming is about to host another Creative Gaming award this year. As part of the PLAY – Creative Gaming festival, which will take place later this year in Hamburg, Germany, the most creative and most innovative indie developers are challenged. If you are interested in either submitting your project or telling a friend, you can find all the information below. For further details check

What are they looking for?

The Creative Gaming Award honors games and playful media that give the player the possibility to interact creatively in and with the game. The focus is on the game idea and the innovation that is connected with the development of the game. This can be showcased by a special gameplay, transmediality, unknown possibilities of interaction within the game, essential graphic innovations, new interfaces, uncommon atmospheres, visual breakthroughs or new topics that are being dealt with in the game.

Who can submit?

The Creative Gaming Award is a Europe-wide contest, thus only submissions from European developers can be considered. Other than that the contest is free for everyone and as long as you are an independant developer (who has either published some games/projects before or has no experience at all) you are invited to submit your game.

What can I win?

Your prize depends on the category. While the winner of the „Most Creative Game award“ wins prize money, the winner of the „Most Innovative Newcomer award“ wins a little less prize money, but gets a mentoring for one year with someone from the games industry. Moreover, all nominated games will be showcased in the interactive exhibition, where visitors can play your games.

When is everything happening?

Well, right now. You can submit your projects until July 17, 2016 via the form on the PLAY16 website. If you are among the lucky nominees (three for each category) you are invited to the PLAY – Creative Gaming festival including the festive awarding ceremony on November 5, 2016 in Hamburg, Germany.

What happened last year?

Although the award was presented for the first time in 2015 at PLAY15, more than 150 submisions from over 20 countries were counted and played. The international jury chose three lucky winners. Among them were the deveopers from Krillbite Studios, who just announced their new game.

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