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Mit der E3 hatte dieser Monat mehr als nur genug News, Leaks, Ankündigungen und Bilder. The Long Journey Home von Daedalic wurde gezeigt und neue Bilder der Schiffe und Aliens vorgestellt. Kojima Productions zeigte erst das Gesicht des Maskottchens Ludens, um nur wenig später Death Stranding und einen surrealistischen Trailer auf der amerikanischen Expo vorzustellen. […]

Death Stranding and the power of mind

Death Stranding

A few weeks ago Hideo Kojima announced the project Kojima Productions has been working on since its valediction from Konami. Death Stranding is already the target of many wild discussions and shows a naked Norman Reedus. Being surrealistic and approaching important issues of mankind, the trailer is not only a demo of the game’s setting, but also of its tone and otherness. But what does it all mean? Which role does the baby play, what is the black fluid, why are there dead animals and ominous handprints? Is there a connection to Mad Max and Miller? A text on the meaning and interpretation of Death Stranding and what the trailer discloses.